About Me (AKA: "WHO the frak are you, man?")

How can you resist my 100% professional look? Vader T-Shirt, the tools of the trade in front of me. Success.

Hey you. I don't know how you got here, but I am glad you did. Here is a bit more about me.

My name is Thanasis, and I am a freelance writer (and editor) who loves to write (and edit) stories about pixelated heroes, space adventurers, and fictional characters. 
I specialize in anything geeky, from video games and anime to fandom music, space, and science fiction.

My writing has appeared in a number of print and online publications

I haven't written a book yet (not even a free e-book to lure you in), but when I do I'll let you know. The fireworks will tip you off.

I do have some degrees: A BA in English and a Postgraduate degree in Applied Linguistics. I am proud of my accomplishments; the manuscripts will forever remain buried next to my Pokemon trainer diploma.

This is my personal digital corner. I hope you like it.

Personal Stuff (AKA: I am a human being, dammit)

If you are reading this section, then you are either a stalker or really, really bored.
Either way, thank you. You are brave.
If you make it to the end, you officially know me more than most of my closest friends.

Things I love:

  • (Almost) Everything Sci-Fi

  • Video games. Especially retro gaming and JRPGs

  • Photo walks

  • Hot coffee. All day. Every day

  • Asian culture

  • Intelligent conversations

  • Funny dangling modifiers

  • Word puns

  • My dolphin

Things I hate:

  • Influx of Information Breakdowns (yes, this is a thing)

  • Thinking too fast

  • Know-it-alls, Snobs

  • MTV

  • DLC in games

  • Places where the music is too loud to have a proper conversation

  • Procrastinating. I do it all the time. I hate it all the same

  • People smoking indoors. I hate smoking. Indoors. Not the people smoking indoors. Damn.